Thursday, September 01, 2005

If You Really Want To

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Rachel Pennington.

I was just looking at my wish list at B&H Photo and I thought how nice it would be if someone wanted to choose one (or all) of the things on there (only THREE things) and have it sent to me! I reallllly want that Canon XT. Look how sweet I am: I'm not asking for the most expensive camera there....just for the bare essentials.

B&H will just ship it right to me and you don't even need my address. How sweet would that be of you, dear reader, to know how excited I'd be when I notice the UPS man pulling up and then delivering the package that YOU so considerately bought for me? Can you imagine my surprise when I see that you simply signed the card as "Anonymous"?

You already KNOW that I'm putting a child through college, and you already KNOW that I'm trying to start my own business as a photographer, so I can imagine that all the readers are rushing there now to get the goodies for me!

Well wait, I haven't even given you the address to my list yet! I'll put it here and then even include a link over to the side, just in case you forget. :)

Don't everyone fight over who gets what, ok? Click RIGHT HERE to see the things that I want and just have a blast buying it for me!

*sigh* A girl can dream, can't she?


Anonymous said...

you're really dreaming aren't you! Funny how we could have the same wish of the Canon XT. LOL. Like I really need another digital SLR.

shithead said...

Hey Rachel...You can pick up that memory card for cheaper in town. Also you might want to know that I have several of these and the 80X write speed makes no difference in the Rebel. You are better off getting the card from SAMS and saving $30.

rachelpennington said...

:) I want it so bad that my teeth hurt! ;)

Matthew~Thanks for the tip. I really know nothing about this sort of thing. Hopefully I'll be headed to Sams next week and I'll see what they've got. Thanks. :)