Wednesday, August 31, 2005

What a Day

Originally uploaded by Rachel Pennington.

Let me just start by saying that I had good intentions. I went out in the yard today to collect all the branches, limbs, twigs, etc. that Hurricane Katrina left in her wake, and as I started collecting them I kept noticing all the pretty lichens and other fungi on the limbs that had fallen. I went in and got my camera and the limb removal ceased. :D Oh well...they'll still be there tomorrow.

My Scoot (Brooke) is coming home this weekend. Unfortunately gas will probably be about $4 a gallon, which is just INSANE. It doesn't matter though, because if she doesn't come home this weekend she won't be able to come home for a few more weekends and there's no way I can handle not seeing her for that much longer. Hopefully traffic won't be so bad and she'll be home in time to see Touk play ball Friday night. He'll be excited to know she's there.


Donna's Daily tidbits said...

Yes, but we must not complain, at least we have a house to come home to.

Donna's Daily tidbits said...

By the way, whats up with the word verification thingy?
Tell little miss Brooklyn that I said hi and I hope she is loving it.
Tell Kane good luck on his games and you people don't need to be stangers!!

rachelpennington said...

We can still complain about gas prices. Something NEEDS to be done about this whole situation. We look like some third world country; everyone running around like chickens w/their heads cut off.

I put the word verification thing on there because I kept getting "comments" that were really only advertisements. :(

I'll tell Brooke hello for you. :) And who is "Kane?" ;) I'll tell Cain you said good luck.

Love ya!

Donna's Daily tidbits said...

I don't know why I spell his name that way, I know it is not right.
That's true, but I have just been telling myself how much better I have it right now than those affected in the storm. It seems to help my outlook on paying the gas prices.
Although, I still don't like it! Something does need to be done. We can't continue this way, I mean they want us to send donations to help those in need and it is taking all we have just to live day to day. URGH!!