Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Ok, Look...

All week long the lead-up to LOST has been, "This week the fate of all the survivors will be revealed!" Well guess what? It wasn't. For cryin' out loud. I'm all for suspense but enough is enough! This show is driving me insane. I'm only going to watch it about 30 more weeks or so and then that's it - I'm done with it.

I worked on Brooke's room again today but didn't really accomplish anything. I moved her bed and bookcase around and it looks much cuter. :) By the time she comes home I may just be moved up there myself. Sans the color, it would make a perfect office. I'm not sure why I NEED an office but I could pretend. I'm very good at pretending. :D

My Mom and I are going to Savannah and Tybee Island in about three weeks. I'm so excited I can't hardly stand it. I miss the ocean and I can't wait to see it. Oh yeah, we're going to stop by and see Brooke, too. (Just kidding, Scoot, you know you're the reason we're coming down). The ocean, then you...yep. ;) ILY!


Donna's Daily tidbits said...

Just reminding u how much I love, love, love this pic. you have posted.

Anonymous said...

hey rachel, summer has been wanting to see the ocean.
maybe you can talk kandi into going and taking summer( dont you know that will happen, especially after the trip to the choo-choo)

rachelpennington said...

Thanks, Donna. :)

Kim~LOL! Summer was an angel. Don't let Kandi lie to you. ;)