Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Quilt Angels

Quilt Angels
Originally uploaded by Rachel Pennington.

These are the cute little quilt angels that I talked about in an earlier post. I can't believe I forgot to get myself one. They were so cute. Boy, if I only knew (Chrisi) someone (Chrisi) who could make me one of these (Chrisi) I would appreciate it so much. :) Aren't they adorable?

Well, this is the second day of no school for Cain since our governor decided our state would conserve on fuel. The man sure is being fussed at over it by parents who had to find sitters for their children. I have no opinion on him one way or another, but I feel like in this instance he was just trying to do what he thought would be best for the state. I believe I read it will save a half-million in fuel costs.

Of course it hasn't helped us at all because Cain has had football practice both days. :) As a matter of fact I'm headed there now to pick him up.


Donna's Daily tidbits said...

I agree, if only someone (Chrisi) could make me one to go with my new bedroom suit, that would be soooooooooo sweeeeeeeet!

Chrisi said...

Well, you forgot one little thing..........I don't quilt. :o(
And there is no way that I would cut up a beautiful old quilt to make one. Sorry.

Donna's Daily tidbits said...

But, you could make something quite similar! Right, Rach>?