Monday, September 26, 2005

Pepto-Bismol Pink

This is my daughter's room. When we first bought our house six years ago I promised her she could paint her room any color she wanted. She chose pink. Not just any pink, but Pepto-Bismol pink. See?

When she left for college last month you couldn't see her floor. She left hangers, books, magazines, shoes, clothes, cd's, stuffed animals, papers, and a ton of other stuff IN her floor. I'm not kidding. There were a few places you could walk, but not many. Today I spent the day cleaning up her room. This is what I came up with.

She didn't have a bed frame, just a mattress and box springs in the floor (she wanted it that way). I put her bed up and moved things around and was quite pleased with myself. Now I didn't touch anything she had hanging on the walls and on her ceiling but I'm going to beg her to take all that stuff down when she comes home in a couple of weeks. :)

The room used to be part of the attic. I'm not sure when the attic was actually converted into a bedroom, as our house was built in 1946. The room is actually two different parts, with one on each side of the house. Tomorrow I will tackle the other side of the room, but if you don't see a blog on here by me tomorrow you may want to send help. That side of the room is where the closet and her dresser is and I may have to rappel down from the ceiling since the floor in that room is completely gone. Wish me luck...

(By the way, I have asked for and received permission from her to paint the bedroom to a nice, subtle color that doesn't put off more UV rays than the sun. I can't wait!)


Ellen D. said...

Are you sure you are going to like it better any other way?

A little sad just thinking about when my daughter goes away! (I do have 8 more years, but hey, I'm very sentimental.)

Elizabeth said...

In all my years, I don't think I have ever seen a bedroom that shade of pink (lol!)

Ledford Photography said...

I puked a similar hue once.... wasnt pretty.