Thursday, September 08, 2005

Word Verification is NOT fun!

I went and got all of my hair cut off today. I like it, but I don't know why. My face is too fat for short hair. Actually ALL of me is too fat for short hair. The haircut cost me all of $14, which was great. :)

How is this for stupid. Look at this "word verification" image:

This was the FOURTH word verification I got after three unsuccessful tries. I'm a pretty smart girl. I have a high IQ (no really, I do!) This one I DID get, but c'mon! You should've seen the ones I failed at. The "words" looked like scribble from a first grader. It really made me mad. I'm all for word verfification, but not Word Verification for Mensa members!

Tomorrow we get to drive three and a half hours--one way--to watch Cain play ball. I'm not complaining, but man I wish gas prices were lower!

I'm so sad that Bob Denver passed away (not John Denver, Eric). I was ALL about Gilligan when I was a child. Ok, until I was 26, but who wasn't? I had a huge crush on the Professor. He could make a waffle maker out of a coconut and who wouldn't love a man that could do that?!

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Elizabeth said...

Gas prices here have dropped to $2.94. Not much but at least it's dropped a little. What do you mean Bob Denver has passed away? I'm late on catching up with the news. And yes I have another blog here at blogger. I never could be satisfied with one thing. LOL. Can I finally see a picture of you? Pleeeeaaaasssseeee.