Monday, October 17, 2005

Beautiful Day

This was one of the shots that I took in Kensington the other day. Turns out it's also one of my favorite shots of the day. :)

Today was absolutely beautiful. I walked my dog around in the yard for a while and just enjoyed the cool air and the sunlight dancing through the different colored leaves on my dogwood trees. It was just a perfect day.

My uncle came back from Vandy today and they said that there was nothing they could do. You know it's bad when Vanderbilt, one of the top hospitals in the world, can't help you. They let him know that yes, he could have chemo treatments and that would improve his chance to live by five-percent. Now he has to decide if he wants to do that. What would his quality of life be like if he has intense chemotherapy treatments that make him sick the whole time? I just don't know. Like my uncle said, it's all in God's hands now. I'm just going to stay positive about it and make sure that he knows how much we love him in the time he has left. :)


Chrisi said...

That picture is absolutely amazing!

That is such a rough decision for your uncle to have to make. He is leaving it in the right hands though. :o)

Val Ewing said... is in the photo...I am thinking of you and your uncle.