Sunday, October 16, 2005

Figuring It Out

Brooke and Cain studied their pumpkin for quite some time before cutting in to it yesterday. Brooke was pleased as punch with the outcome. :)

She left a little after 6 tonight. I tried not to cry and held out until she left. I HATE it when she leaves, it just about kills me. :(

Today we slept until about 9:30 and then got up and ate breakfast and went to Mentone to the festival out there. We just wanted to look around since we haven't made it to any of the festivals around here this year. It was ok, we enjoyed being out but it was possibly the most boring festival I've ever been to.

I can't believe the weekend is already over. It went by too quickly. I guess it seemed to go by faster since Brookie was home. She won't be home again until Thanksgiving break. I sure hope we are able to go down and see her in two or three weeks. I don't know if I can handle not seeing her until Thanksgiving. :(


Val Ewing said...

awww, don't be said, she still loves you !!!!
i still miss my boys and they are 24 and 26...

Chrisi said...

That picture is great!