Thursday, October 20, 2005

Cave Springs

I took this photo of our school's mascot last Friday. He was doubling as "Uga" for a photo shoot. :) He wasn't cooperating very well. It was funny as all get out because every time his owner tried to shoot him with the little girls sitting behind his helmet (if you look closely you can see baby toes on the lower left-hand corner near the helmet) the dog would run off or the little girl would start crying. :)

This morning I went by the paper and saw my buddies and then headed over to the library to return some books. My honey called me and asked if I wanted to go down to Cave Springs with him and just ride around with him for the day while he ordered parts and went to a few of his jobs.

He picked me up and when we got to Cave Springs he dropped me off at the park and went and did a job nearby. While I was there I took quite a few photos and then walked across the street to a nursery and took bunches more photos. :)

He picked me up about 30 minutes later and then we stopped by a cotton field (where I took more photos). Call me crazy, but I'm fascinated that cotton is something that is GROWN. It's cotton for crying out loud. It's like growing plastic or something. It's just amazing to me.

After we left the cotton field and stopped by an old Presbyterian church and I took lots MORE photos. :) I even saw a beautiful king snake and was getting shots of it until Marshall came around the side of the church and said, "Is that a snake?" and a) it was obviously a snake, and b) if you know my husband you know that he learned to whisper in a sawmill. He scared the snake and it took off.

By the time we left there we headed straight for the school and watched Cain practice, then we stayed for the JV game. We didn't get home until almost 9. It was a fun day. I really enjoyed spending it with Marshall. We hardly ever get to do that.

Have a good night. :)

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Ellen D. said...

I love the Uga impersonator! And the toes.