Saturday, October 29, 2005

Choo Choo Train

I have been wanting to take a picture of this train for about two years now and I never think about it until I hear it chugging past my house. Today I heard it and Cain and I hauled butt to the car and then up the road to where I thought I might catch it. I barely made it there but I got this shot and a few more. This one is one of the best though.

Funny thing, I called the railroad station earlier in the day to see when the train might come through. I had to leave a message and a man called me back as Cain and I were leaving this place. He told me that the train would turn around and head back our way around 2:30. I called Kandi and asked her if she wanted to go to the Battlefield to try and get some good shots of it. We went up there and SHE got a fabulous shot and now I don't like her anymore. ;) She got the shot I've been wanting to get for TWO years. Of course, to get that shot she sat about four feet (seriously) away from the track while the train rolled past. I, on the other hand, being older and wiser, took off from my seat behind her when the train got about 30 feet away from us. So I got the ugly shot and she came away with a great one. Did I mention that I don't like her?

It was a beautiful day and the park was gorgeous. I love being there. I'm going to go back next week and hopefully those gorgeous sugar maples that I love will be in their glorious fall color. Usually Brooke and Cain come with me. I have to drag them there by the hair of the head, but we all have a good time (don't we, kids?). It's a fall ritual of sorts, but I guess it'll just be me and Cain this year since Brooke had to grow up and go off to college. Brat...

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Angel said...

heyyy it would be great if you and kandi let me get prints of those pictures. I would love to hang them in short man's room!