Friday, October 28, 2005

Last Football Game

This is one of the first photos I took last week on the accidental trip to the Smokies. I love those mountains, even if all of my northern buddies just keep saying that they aren't mountains, but what they call "hills." Meanie heads! ;) If Cain weren't still in high school I'd be begging my sweet hubby to head for those hills. I'd live in North Carolina in an instant. It's absolutely beautiful, even if they do have bears. ;)

Well, our last football game of the season is tonight since we didn't make the play-offs (for the first time in 15 years). It's so weird that it's over, and I know I've already said that, but it just seems like the season should just now be midway through.

I've been editing photos lately and I hope I have some to sell pretty soon. I'm also going to give some as Christmas presents. :) I'm not sure how well that will go over but I hope that my family/friends appreciate it.

Well, it's time to get ready for the game. Have a good night!

[confidential to Scoot: Thank you, Helpy Helpterton! :P ]

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