Thursday, October 27, 2005

Out & About

I was headed up to my Mom's this morning and as I was pulling out of the driveway she called and told me just to wait until tomorrow. So I called Kandi and we drove over to Rising Fawn to check on that little black puppy that lives at the cemetery. I figured the pup was dead since it has no meat on its bones and it has been so cold.

When we got to the cemetery we saw the pup standing on top of the hill so we got out, and of course the pup took off in the woods. I brought some dog food with me and was taking it over to the edge of the woods and someone had brought a whole HUGE bag of dogfood and had cut it open and it was there for the pup. :) I left a note saying that I had been trying to get the pup to come to me for a while now, and if they ever can catch it to please call me and I'll come and get her if they don't want her. This cemetery, by the way, is about 25 miles from my house, so it's pretty rough getting over there all of the time. Of course, Kandi drives each time, so that's nice. :)

We drove back to a spot that we found the other day that was just beautiful, but I don't think my photos are any better this time than they were before. We left there and went to Mentone and went to Desoto Falls and then to the Sallie Howard Memorial Church.

I just got home about an hour and a half ago and I'm sitting here waiting for Marshall to get home so we can go to Cain's pep rally.

Have a great night. :)

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