Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Fun Day

I took Touk (Cain) to school this morning and then went straight to the store and got a ton of groceries. We haven't bought groceries in forever so I loaded up today. :D Our cabinets are no longer bare.

I was editing photos and Kandi came online and asked if I wanted to go to the pocket to shoot and of course I did because it's such a beautiful day out there. The pocket is where we were going the other day when we ended up in the Smokies. :) I charged my camera battery and headed her way.

The first place we went was to an overlook and it was just beautiful. I took several photos and as we were coming back down the long, two mile dirt road we passed a girl who looked to be in her early 20's. She looked sickly or scared or something, but she was heading up that road by herself. We thought it was rather strange that a girl, all alone, would drive up there by herself. Later on, however, at the end of our day, a car stopped beside us and asked us how you get to the overlook. They both looked like meth heads. The lady had sores all over her and they just looked...well, scary. So now we're wondering if that overlook is a drug drop-off or something. I'm considering calling the cops. :)

We hiked in the woods for a while and I was doing fine until Kandi started talking about bears and such. We have bears around here, but it's rare to see one. At any rate, for some reason I have this unnatural fear of being attacked by a bear and I do NOT know why. I hiked rather fast after I got spooked. Kandi is a really mean person. ;)

All in all it was a great day. I came home and cooked supper and washed dishes. Seems like there always way too many dishes here. It's neverending and I'm sure you wives and moms will know what I'm talking about. Anyway, now we're watching Halloween 15 or 75 or ...who knows? These movies are so stupid but I feel obligated to watch them at Halloween.

Good night. :)


beelers said...

How sexist! It isn't just the moms that know about the dishes. Some dads are familiar with that business as well :P

Ledford Photography said...

In regards to Eric's comment "Give me a break!" and to comment on your drug drop off statement... someone will read that who will tell someone that'll tell someone else and pretty soon you'll find the source of your drug dealers and they'll log on here and see that you said you were gonna call the cops, they'll hunt you down and dismember you piece by piece!! Not only that, but you used MY name in your lovely blogging. I'm much too busy to die what with my booming career and all! :o) Way to go... Farter!

rachelpennington said...

Eric, I KNEW (I swear) that as soon as I typed that you were going to say something to me. ;) I'm sorry, and you're right. I should've said, "Wives, moms, & Eric..." ;)

My sincere apologies...