Friday, October 14, 2005

He** Froze Over, Didn't It?

This is Brooke and her friend Rosie at tonight's homecoming football game. Rosie was crowned queen and we were so much more than happy for her. She is one of Brooke's best friends and is one of the sweetest people you'll ever meet. She's battling cancer--and thank God, she's winning the battle! :)

We lost the game tonight. We didn't just lose but we lost to our biggest rival. We didn't just lose to our biggest rival, but we lost on homecoming to our biggest rival who has never, in 40 + years, beat us on our home field, and hasn't beat us since 1994 on THEIR field. I told Cain they were due and they wanted it bad. It was horrible. :( They beat us 13-6 in overtime. It was a great game though, I have to say that. Cain played awesome if I do say so myself.

In the morning the kids and I are getting up and going to the mountain. We're also going to go see Uncle Tony. I fear that if Brooke doesn't see him this time when she's home she may not ever get to see him again. :( He's going to Vanderbilt in Nashville on Monday to see if maybe there is something they can do for him there. Please keep him in your prayers.

Have a wonderful night everyone. :) Oh, and one more thing: Brooke hadn't been home 20 minutes last night when she fell down in the living room floor. It was the funniest thing I've EVER seen. She was trying to show me how this boy acts and I forgot to mention that I had used Pledge on the floor (actually, I thought it was obvious that I had) and she took off the floor and fell down--and I mean ALL the way down. It was such a funny fall that I thought she was faking. She wasn't. :) It was great...too bad you all weren't here to see it and enjoy it with me. And just for the record, she laughs at EVERYONE who falls. Everyone. She doesn't discriminate so I had no qualms about laughing at her. :D

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