Friday, October 07, 2005

Worse Than A Child

This is Cain at the Battle of Chickamauga demonstration we went to. He's listening (rather intently) to one of the speakers talk about the cannon firing.

I know most of you have cats so you'll probably agree that they really are worse than children. I never knew they could be so messy. ;) I have toys scattered all over my house...and just like a child, she doesn't put them away when she's finished with them. She stays under my feet when I'm cooking or cleaning and every bit of my attention has to be given to her--but of course only on her terms. When I'm trying to read or look at something on the computer she has to jump on my book or my computer and sit there. The kids at least never did that. :)

Well, it's still pouring down rain and we have to go south of Atlanta for our ballgame tonight. I sure hope it slacks off. We still play in the rain so it ought to make for a fun night. :D

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