Saturday, October 08, 2005

We Won!

I wonder if all soldiers looked like this during the Civil War? *ahem*

Anyway, Cain's team won their game last night. I have to say that we had a blast. It took us three hours to get through Atlanta because of all the traffic jams. It usually takes us an hour and a half to get through Atlanta so that was a little frustrating, but we still made it on time for the game with plenty of time to spare.

It rained the whole way down there, all through the game, and all the way home. Even though we had umbrellas and rain ponchos during the game, we were soaked to the bone. It was still fun. It didn't get as cold as it was supposed to get, so it wasn't that bad. Despite the rain we had a lot of fans show up and we all sat huddled together to try and keep warm. That didn't work out too well because we mainly just soaked each other with the umbrellas. :) We got home around 1 this morning, got out of our wet clothes and into some warm sheets. I was about to freeze and those sheets felt like heaven.

Today the wind is blowing pretty good and we have all the windows shut. It's pretty cool out there and I love it! It's 68 degrees out there right now. I hope it stays this way.

I went to the library earlier and got some books on Christmas (shut up) and the last Little House book. Cain and Marshall are watching Georgia and Tennessee. I'm rooting for Georgia, of course, and always do, UNLESS they are playing Auburn. Anyway, I'm about to dive into my books. Have a great weekend. :)

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