Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Brooke is Home!

Brookie is home. :) This is her after Cain got his driver's license. See? She's more excited for Cain than he was.

We worked on the house all day--and when I say "we" I mean ME. Cain slept for most of the day because he went to an all-night lock-in at the church. Brooke mainly sat on the couch and read, which I thought was rude. I begged her to come in my room with me while I folded clothes and talk to me but NOOOO, she had to stay and read her book that she could read while she's at school!

This afternoon we got ready and went to my Daddy's, minus my hubby because he had to work. :( We had a great time enjoying our family. My almost-90 yr. old grandpa was there and per tradition he said he was coming to my house tomorrow for dinner. :)

It was a great day, and I hope yours was, too. Happy Thanksgiving Eve. :D

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