Tuesday, November 22, 2005

He Did It!

Toukie got his driver's license this morning! I think Brooke and I were more excited that Cain was. Well, at least on the outside. :)

After we got home from getting Cain's license we dug out the Christmas tree and all of our ornaments and decorations. Brooke put the tree up while Cain and I set the decorations out. Well, Cain didn't so much as set them out as he did walk around and watch us. We all three put the ornaments on the tree though. The living room looks SO cute. :)

We're having Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow at my Daddy's tomorrow and the Thursday I'm cooking here. No one is coming though, unless my grandpa wants to come. I really don't feel like having a big Thanksgiving, what with Uncle Tony passing on and all. BUT, we are to be thankful for his life, and for our friends and family so I will be cooking. :)

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