Monday, November 21, 2005

What A FUN Day!

Boy, what a FUN day I had today! See, Cain is out of school this week and I bet he SURE is glad! :) We just had So much fun today!

Let's see, first I made him watch "True Story: Family Feud" with me on A&E, then I took him and got all of his hair cut off. THEN we went in the POURING down rain to get groceries for Thanksgiving at Wal-Mart. Can you imagine how much fun he must've had with his ol' mom? When we got home I made him do his chores, which included washing dishes since it was his day. I bet he just can't wait until tomorrow. ;D

This photo of Cain is from one year ago: Cain getting his learners license. He goes tomorrow to test for his drivers license. Marshall took him Sunday to practice for the test, you know, just to be safe. :)

Brookie is on her way home. She's in Alanta now which is about an hour and a half from here. Yay!

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