Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Caution: Pig Crossing

This lovely pig crossed right in front of us on Highway 100 as we were barreling toward Summerville, Georgia, the other day. Luckily we stopped just in time, otherwise I guess we'd have had lots of ham and bacon (dang it). We drove up the driveway to see if this pig belong to the house at the end of the drive, but no-one was home. We did see a pigpen though and as we were coming back down the drive, the pig was walking back up it. :) He was friendly. He even picked up a pinecone and brought it to me.

Today was just a BEAUTIFUL day and like an idiot, I wasted it by staying inside. I won't be doing that anymore. I, for the most part, do stay outside, but I could be out a lot more. Tomorrow I plan on being out for a long time. I want to take my camera with me in the morning and just go shooting somewhere. I don't know where yet though. When I'm taking Cain to school the morning light shining on all of the beautiful orange and red leaves of fall are just too wonderful to pass up.

My uncle went back into the hospital today. He has a blockage to his pancreas so they're going to put in a stint. Hopefully that will help him to feel as good as he did right after his chemo. :)

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