Saturday, November 05, 2005

Long Day

This is the inside of a nursery store in Cave Springs, Georgia. I can't remember what the name of the nursery is though. They sure did have lots of interesting things to look at. :)

Marshall had to leave this morning at 4:30 because he had to work in Birmingham. I got up when he left and watched television, which included about the last 20 minutes of Titanic. I love that movie. The day it opened, which happened to be around Brooke's birthday, she, Cain and I went to see it. We all cried, and I'm sure Cain won't mind my telling you that, because he was only 8 when it came out. :) It was amazing to see it on the big screen, too. Anyway, that's not where I was going with this paragraph. :D So anyway, I watched the rest of that movie, then got up and washed some clothes, did some chores and then took a shower. I went and paid a couple of bills and then came home and got Cain up and we went and ate breakfast (thanks, Mom!).

Around 3 Cain and I went up on the mountain to see my uncle for a few minutes. He's lost SO much weight--even since the photo from yesterday's blog (taken about two weeks ago), but he looked in good spirits. He was having some pain and so we probably weren't there 20 minutes. My mom and my nephew Jonah came home with us. On the way home we stopped and ate at a restaurant on Lookout Mountain and then to Wal-Mart to get Mom some things she needed. She also bought both the boys (Cain and Jonah) their birthday presents so they're both all excited. :)

We're at my house now and I'm getting ready to hit the hay. It's been a LONG LONG day!

Good night!

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