Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Blah Days

This is the steps going up to some really gorgeous bedrooms at the Statesboro Inn, which is a lovely bed and breakfast. :)

I feel empty lately and I'm not entirely sure why. Everything is going fairly well in my life but I feel like I should be doing something more...I just don't know what that "more" is.

My computer is driving me INSANE. I've reformatted the hard drive three times in the past two weeks. I usually enjoy doing stuff like that but now it's just making me mad. I thought I had everything set as I wanted it, and then tonight, out of nowhere, my old printer information apparently reinstalled itself. How in the world did that happen? I haven't even had it hooked up to a printer so if I reformatted my harddrive then where did it get the information to do that? It really makes me mad.

Kandi and I went to a wedding shoot over in the Pocket today. We thought it was going to be a bust because it was rather dark back in there, but she has a great new reflector and the photos ended up looking awesome. :)

Have a good night--even though everyone that reads this is probably asleep by now. It's almost midnight.


beelers said...

As for your emptiness, you sound like The Wife. Anyway, you're about to have a fulfilling part-time job.

As for your computer, did you do a low-level format that not only marks everything on the drive for deletion but rewrites it with 1s and 0s. Takes a lot longer, but it's a more secure method of deletion.

Val Ewing said...

Empty? Sometimes it might be a bit of the 'empty nest' thing. Been there, when both my kids grew up on me.

Dang they DO that you know?

But now I have fun being a grandma.

Ledford Photography said...

If you'd answer your phone every now and then you'd have a lot more to fill up your empty spaces. For example: Things I've called to invite you to but got no answer - A star studded trip to Nashville with Matthew McConacantspellhisname, my birthday dinner and a night of downtown shooting, the 7 bridges art show, a concert, more 'fun' shoots than I can count on my fingers & toes, the Oocee, Helen GA for the hot air balloon festival, Murfreesboro for the Renissance Festival and who knows how many other things that I can't remember!!!