Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Going to the Playoffs!

This is Cain sliding into third base. He was safe. :) He finally came out of his (very long) hitting slump and got back into the game tonight. :) It was a great game and we are headed to the play-offs for our region.

My mammogram and ultrasound went great. The radiologist said that I just have a rather lumpy breast. *insert awkward silence here* He said that yes, there is a lump exactly where my dr. and I felt one, but it was nothing out of the ordinary. I was embarrassed to have wasted their time. That's not to say I was disappointed with the outcome, but I felt like a huge lump of dumb myself. I do have cysts, but they are nothing to be concerned with unless they just get to be too uncomfortable to live with. I'd say that having a needle stuck in my breast to ease the discomfort from a cyst doesn't sound fun at all. Heck, I can live with discomfort, I have been married for 20 years. Hee hee!

Cain and I just got home about an hour ago and we are SO tired. If Marshall were home I'd be sound asleep. Cain is in here sound asleep (yes, he sleeps with me when his Dad isn't here) and I've came to the conclusion that he's worse to sleep with than Brooke. He sleeps with his knees bent and straight up in the air, which means that the covers are lifted up off of me, which means I freeze. If I push his knees down he just rolls over and juts his tailbone into my back. Thank gosh--for the both of us--his Daddy will be home tomorrow. :D

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Ellen D. said...

I've been hoping you'd post your results. I'm so glad your test went well. Don't feel like you wasted anyone's time. I'm sure the techs and doctors would rather see 50 nice boring ultrasounds and give 50 people good boring news than give even 1 person bad news!