Monday, May 01, 2006

Super Boring

Today has been a rather boring day. Marshall is gone tonight and so I've just been lollygaggin' around the house. I H-A-T-E it when he's not here. :(

Not much to report today. :o( I miss my Granny Ruth and I cried over my Uncle Tony today. Sometimes it just hits me that he's not here anymore and it freaks me right out. He was, we thought, healthy as a horse this time last year.

Oh well, I'm going to go and see if I can get Cain to watch Airplane with me. Sure, he has school in the morning but what could be more fun than staying up late with your Mom and watching Airplane? Nothing that I can think of. ;oD

I got this fun site from Deb over at Deb is a friend from flickr and I LOVE her blog. Her photos rock, too. :) Join in, everyone. :oD

Good Monday to you all! Let's fill in the blanks this week! Thanks for playing! =)

1. Sleeping in for me means sleeping until: 6:30ish. I love getting up early.
2. Staying up late means I don't go to bed until: 1:30 or 2, but it's rare that I do that.
3. I probably spend more time procrastinating than I would like.
4. And I don't spend nearly enough time: cleaning.
5. I have zero tolerance for: arrogance.
6. I have a lot of patience when it comes to: my children.

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Ledford Photography said...

Maybe if you'd try ANSWERING YOUR PHONE you'd have something to do, like go shooting with me this afternoon in the pocket, which I'm not holding my breath for out of fear of turning blue and dying.