Monday, May 15, 2006

Busy Day!

Last night Cain went to put our dog in her kennel and saw a baby robin dangling from a limb. It's the strangest thing but the little guy somehow got his leg caught in a tiny limb that had split apart. While trying to free himself he ripped his leg open and broke it. He was dangling upside down while his little foot was still right-side up. It was awful.

We brought him in and put him in a box and put him in the bathroom where it would be nice and quiet. This morning I called the Chattanooga Nature Center first thing and they told me to take the bird to the zoo in Chattanooga (Warner Park Zoo). I took him up there and went through the zoo (which is really nice, btw) while they took him back and looked at him. Finally the rehabilitator came out and told me that the little bird still had good blood supply going to his leg so they set the leg and taped it up. She said that he should certainly live, however, he may have to lose that leg (I'm telling you, it was really gross). If he does lose the leg they will take him to the Tennessee Aquarium to live out his days. If the leg heals ok then he will eventually be released back into the wild. I left there very happy. :)

I had to go to Trenton and get some insurance matters taken care of so I also stopped by to see my grandmother. Bless her heart, she's looney as a toon due to stupid Alzheimer's Disease. She just talks and talks and talks and now throws in words that are not even words. It's pitiful to see her struggle to find the right words, even though EVERY thing she says is nonsensical. Anyway, it was a joy to see her. Once when I was walking down the hall with my aunt, Granny stopped me, hugged me real tight, kissed me and said, "It sure is so good to see you again." I teared up but held it in. I'm certain that she doesn't really know who I am, but maybe just for that instant she did. Even if she didn't it made me feel good. I love her SOOOO freakin' just can't even imagine.

My mom was down there with my nephew Jonah. He has grown like a weed. I hate that I never get to see him. :( Anyway, I didn't get to stay long but I enjoyed seeing them all.

1. If I could change ONE thing from this past weekend, it would be: that I got all of my laundry done instead of putting it off.
2. One of my favorite recipes includes: Lipton Onion Soup Mix. It's a recipe for meatloaf and it's yummy.
3. If things don't go as originally planned, I tend to: get anxious until it goes the way I think it should be going.
4. My daily routine is very: enjoyable. I love my life.
5. The one television show I will probably miss, since the season is coming to an end, is: Survivor. I don't really watch that much television though. I don't watch it at all during the day.
6. I have a calendar hanging on: my kitchen door; and two on my bedroom wall.
7. I'm really "prompt" about changing the calendar when the day/month changes. My co-workers will tell you that I insist that they don't change the calendar until the very first day of the month--not the last day of the month we're in. I think it's bad luck. :oD

Have a terrific night!


Val Ewing said...

Rachel, bless your loving heart!!! Baby Robin rescue and visiting Grandma, you are such a dear!

rachelpennington said...

I really am sweet, ain't I? ;)