Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day!

I hope that everyone has had a beautiful Mother's Day. :) I know that I did. Well, for a little while anyway. We got up and got ready, went to breakfast and were headed on the mountain to surprise our Moms (who we never see) but Marshall got sick on the way and we had to turn around and come home. :( He's been on the couch all day.

For Mother's Day Cain got me a beautiful orange Gebera Daisy (in the photo above), a shepherd's hook that holds two bird feeders, a bird feeder and some seed. :) Isn't that so sweet? I thought so. See what he wrote in the card? :o) He's good, huh?

Have a beautiful day!
1. Immune: System
2. Together: Apart
3. Blank: Stare
4. Professional: Photographer
5. Thousand: Points of Light
6. Penetration: Umm...
7. Shutter: Speed
8. Upside down: Boy, you turn me... (Diana Ross song)
9. Neck: Kiss
10. Unlisted: Number

1 comment:

Val Ewing said...

Oh you lucky mom!!! Such a sweet son! I can say that my youngest son DID phone me...while sitting in the car with elder son [huh].
If Marshal has the creepy crud I had this past week...well it is awful ... and the couch is a good place for a couple of days.
Wishing both of you well!