Friday, June 23, 2006

Cleaning and Other Fun

I stayed home last night for the first time all week. I didn't rest much. I probably would've slept better had Marshall been here.

My house is a mess and I'm trying to get it straightened before I leave for the hospital again here in a little bit. Cain has kept most things picked up out of the living room so I really appreciate that.

I thought I said this yesterday but I just looked at my blog and didn't see it, but I just wanted to thank everyone again for the emails. I will write back to everyone but right now I just don't have time. I appreciate my co-workers bunches and bunches for letting me know that they are there if I need them to do anything, and Val, Deb, Liz, & everyone else, thanks for your emails and prayers. :)

Have a beautiful Friday.

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