Sunday, June 25, 2006

Home All Day

Today I didn't leave the house for a minute and it was so nice being here all day. Yesterday Cain had a baseball tournament and we were at the ballfield for almost 9 hours. I haven't been home all day in a long time and it was great.

Dad is about the same. He isn't having regular spasms anymore so that's great to know. :) I hope that he continues to improve every single day.

1. Newspaper: Where I Work
2. Crucify: Jesus was (crucified) for our sins
3. Sausage: Links (I hate sausage)
4. Handy: My Hubby (he can do anything)
5. Cloak: & Dagger
6. Drunk: On Love
7. Fuel: Hemorrhage (a song by the band Fuel-my daughter is a fan)
8. Caress: Soap
9. Itch: Scratch
10. Vehicle: Ford

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