Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it. - Russell Baker

After Dad's emergency surgery last night they had to perform another procedure to put a screen in to prevent blood clots (that he's forming so fast they can't get rid of them quick enough) from going to his lungs. He already has several in his lungs but the doctor says that they are already there and shouldn't be hurting him any more. He also has one in his leg so hopefully that screen will catch it if it moves.

He is losing a lot of blood, yet his body is just mass producing these clots and no one knows why.

Today, he's in CCU (Cardiac Care Unit) and they have him so doped up that he couldn't even look at me when I asked him to turn his head and look at my eyes. He opened his eyes, but it's as if he couldn't comprehend what I was saying to him. That was hard. It was very hard, but he needed this rest. He needed it so much. Yesterday, when he was in that pain, and right before they took him from pre-op into the actual surgical room, they were pumping his IV's full of morphine and other kinds of strong pain killers and nothing even touched the pain a little bit.

I want him to get better and come home.

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Val Ewing said...

OMG FIL had clots go to his lungs after a surgery...Lonnie said it was the most awfullest pain imaginable in the world.
So I feel so bad for your dad! I hate to say this but ask the docs how much damage is being done to your pop's lungs???
You poor thing, you must be going crazy!