Sunday, June 04, 2006

Yay! We're Home!

We got home this morning at 2 a.m. and I have never been so happy to climb into my own bed. :) We were absolutely exhausted.

We drove through Metropolis, Illinois, on our way home yesterday and we stopped at the rest area that they have there. And whattayaknow, they have a giant statue of who else but Superman! It was only three miles out of our way so we HAD to check it out. Marshall loves Superman. The statue is indeed huge and they even have a Superman museum. Who would've thought that Metropolis was in in Illinois?!

Today we haven't done a single thing...well, "I" haven't done a single thing. I washed a couple of loads of clothes and that was about it. Marshall and Cain worked on the yard a little bit. We are SO tired. Marshall had to go to Atlanta for a job they have there in the morning, but he'll be home tomorrow night. I wish he didn't have to go again so we could both get a good nights sleep.

1. Fraud: Identity
2. Cure: Wish there was one for cancer
3. Slate: Blue
4. Pretentious: people are annoying.
5. Splendid: the weather today
6. Geek: me. I'm a weather geek.
Blister: Ouch!
8. Pizza: Cheese with extra cheese
9. Revive: Renew
10. Visionary: Don't know any

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Val Ewing said...

Girl, I can tell that you have been busy!!!! Wow what an adventure!