Saturday, June 03, 2006

A Road Trip Is Fine

Ooook, well last night our plane finally arrived around 11 p.m. We were boarded almost immediately after the plane landed and were taking off within 10 minutes of getting on the plane.

We started taxiing (sp?) down the runway and, no pun intended, we were flying! The nose lifted off the ground and all of a sudden the pilot locked it down. We lurched forward and he kept slamming the brakes--or doing whatever you do in a plane to make it stop. Stuff in the plane started falling forward. We heard things dropping. We were, of course, a little freaked out.

We sat there for a minute and for a bit we thought we might take back off. Thank gosh we didn't! When the plane finally came to a crawl, the pilot came on the intercom and said that a warning light came on and the plane would need to be checked out by the mechanics. That meant, of course, that we would have to get off the plane.

By then just about everyone was a little weary. I don't know if you read yesterday's post but there was already one plane that had mechanical issues and now this? At any rate, we were going to have to wait until noon today to catch another flight, so Marshall said forget it and we rented a car. We drove until 2 a.m. this morning, got a hotel, and slept until 6 and took back off. We have been driving allllllll day and now we are in Dublin, Georgia, waiting for Brooke to meet us with Cain. And yes, we still probably would've got back to Georgia faster had we waited for the next plane, but by then our confidence in this airline, AirTran, was rather low. It was kind of funny because I told Marshall when I found out that we were flying to Kansas, that I had never even HEARD of AirTran until we got these tickets. I joked with Brooke about the pilot, saying that he probably had to fly the plane like the Flintstones drove their car and demonstrated the foot pedaling motion for her. :0) Seems I was pretty close to the truth. ;)

We got to see quite a bit of the countryside. We drove through Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky and of course Tennessee and finally Georgia. :) The photo above is the arch in St. Louis as first seen by me and Marshall. :oD We had no time to stop so we only got to see it from the interstate.

I want a camper so we can see more of the country. What we saw of it today sure is beautiful. I loved the lower part of Illinois that we drove through. What beautiful farmland!

Anyway, Brooke is here so gotta go. We are driving straight home. Whew, we're exhausted!


Anonymous said...

Wow! That makes my whole view on flying a little different.

Anonymous said...

we used AirTran when we went to Pa. in 2003, everything went well and in 2004 and 2005 when sarah came to visit she used AirTran. I had a friend growing up, whose mom worked as an attendant for AirTran. They really aren't all that bad, I swear :)