Friday, June 02, 2006

I Need Ruby Slippers

Well, it's 10:18 p.m. EST and Marshall and I have been sitting in the Kansas City airport for eight hours now. :( The flight before ours was delayed because the batteries in the plane went dead (there's a fun part to this bit of info. in a minute). The people that were on that flight got to take OUR flight, and then the next flight coming in was delayed because they airport in Atlanta was shut down because of weather.

They were going to bring batteries from Atlanta for this broken down plane so that it could take us back to Atlanta. That didn't happen but HA! I'm not getting in a plane that can't keep charged batteries. Are these people crazy?! I begged Marshall just to rent a car so that we could see a little bit of the country (and so I wouldn't have to fly again) but he wouldn't go for it.

What he DID do though was pay a little bit of extra money so that we could fly in first class and so that I'd be assured a window seat. Isn't that just so sweet? :) Bless his heart though, now it's dark and I can't see out my window anyway. I think that there's some sort of conspiracy against me and having a nice view from the plane. On the way up here we didn't even HAVE a freakin' window, and now, going back, it's dark. All I was mainly excited about was taking photos of the clouds from the plane but it just didn't work out. And I'm almost 99.9% sure that I won't fly again. It makes me too nervous.

The photo above is the Jesse James birthplace. It's a very, very pretty little place. We got to go inside the house, and it was just very interesting. Our tour guide looked JUST like Elijah Wood, so that was fun. :) I just kept smiling as he talked. He probably thought I was a fruitball.

Well, they just informed us that the plane didn't leave Atlanta on time so we'll be here for a while longer. The suck part is, is that Brooke is meeting us in Atlanta with Cain and now she and her boyfriend Chad will now have to stay at his parents house and Brooke will have to get right back up in the a.m. to go back to south Georgia for work. :(

Did I mention that I'll be glad to get home?

On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being highest), how funny do you think you are? I'd say I'm a strong 9. I'd give myself a 10 but sometimes I'm not as quick on the draw as I'd like to be. :oD

Name a local restaurant would you recommend to a visitor to your town or city. Well, most people still call it "Greg's," but now it's calld "Lisa's" due to a divorce or something of the sort. Their food is yummy, but it's a little expensive.

What's a lesson you were lucky enough to learn the easy way? Easy for me, but not for my poor precious hubby: Never ever open the radiator cap even if it feels cool to the touch if it has ran hot at all. My poor hubby did that and got burnt pretty badly just a couple of years into our marriage. And really, this is all I could think of at the moment. :)

Main Course
Where would you like to be 5 years from now? I would like to have a regular income coming from my photography skills. I also hope to have all of the photo equipment that I need. I should also be celebrating my 25th wedding anniversary by then so hopefully I'll be somewhere wonderful like Yellowstone or Yosemite in our camper. :)

If you could see the front page of a newspaper from June 2, 2106, what would you imagine the headline might be? "Still No Reports of Anyone Getting Sick from Any (& All) of the Major Diseases That Were Cured 100 Years Ago!" (I'm sure there's a better way to word that but I can't think of it)


Elizabeth said...

It looks and sounds like ya'll had alot of fun. Now you just need to come up to Kentucky and meet me!!! Okay maybe not meet me, but you do need to at least come up to Kentucky and visit Mammoth Cave (I've never had the chance to see it, but Mom has) and the Land Between the Lakes. There's some cool picnic areas around there. Oh and you definitely need to come my way next year for the "Battle".

beelers said...

Now imagine that layover in Cancun. With litle money and bad overpriced food. And nobody speaks English.

It was an institutional airport, meaning it was just a huge cinderblock room with a few shops, molded plastic chairs and crackling, unintelligible intercom blaring about every five minutes...for nine hours.

That was no fun.