Tuesday, July 25, 2006

It's My Turn to Be Grouchy!

Image I'm in a really grouchy mood and I feel awful about it after going on about how much I want to be a more enjoyable person to be around.

BUT, my hubby is at an Atlanta Braves game and I'm so jealous that I really would like to yell at him. I know that's mean, but we're here at home having a suck time, and have been for weeks because of all the crap we're having to pay out this month, and some guy gives hubby and his co-workers tickets and HE gets to go have a good time while I sit here on my butt.

Don't fuss at me. I KNOW I shouldn't be mad. It's silly. I realize this. He works his rear-end off CONSTANTLY and he needs to have a good time, but why can't he be doing it with me?

Am I ashamed of myself for being mad? Yes, I am. Does that change how I feel? No, it doesn't.

The reason I'm admitting it out loud is because THIS is the kind of stuff I'm working to change in my life. WHY should I be upset because my hubby is out having a good time? It's just silly of me.

Have a good night. :o/


Elizabeth said...

I can sympathize with you. That's how my first husband would do me. He went to truck pull at Robert's Stadium and I was left at home. Never mind the fact that I would have liked to went. I don't know if you've been following along, but I've posted an update on my podiatrist appt. today.

Ledford Photography said...

You sure aren't an enjoyable person to be around, in fact, i hate the snot outta you! Your rude, fale mouthed, snobby & worst of all... a COW!

Southernwoman said...

I decided long ago that sports are really cults...they dress in uniforms, have funny hand signals, funny hats, rituals (rules), etc. Want me to yell at him for you? :)

If I can ever get my house cleaned up, you can come hang out with me one day and leave the hubby alone for a change. It'd sorta be like hanging out with E though, except that I'm a girl. lol I really should organize a girls night....I'll get back to you if you are interested.

rachelpennington said...

Kandi~You know you love me. :D

Liz~For some reason your website hates me, but I'll give it another go.

southernwoman~Please DO yell at him. :) And yes, I'd love to come over one day. That would be great.

jen said...

oooo...I would attend a girls night!

Dawnia said...

I must admit, if it is ya'll, I'll do a girls night too.

As for the husband... I'm on his side. Don't yell at him. Go do something you want to do. Remember that day I called and offered you a Sarah ticket? See? Don't you wish you'd have gone?

Southernwoman said...

Girls night will be in the works for all of us. :) And even though D claims I can't cook anything other than chili, I'll even make us all dinner.

Now I really do have to get my house clean! Um, not tonight though. lol