Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sunday FUNday!

I got up pretty early this morning and started cleaning like a madwoman. I don' t know what came over me but my house looks great. :) I'm all about mopping lately. It's rather enjoyable AND that Lemon Fresh Pine-Sol smells like clean to me. :)

I finished around noon and ate brunch then Marshall and I took off to the Pocket so I could take a few pictures. We didn't stay very long. There were so many mosquitos there that it wasn't much fun at all. They generally don't bite me but they eat Marshall up. :(

When we got home I charged my camera batteries and we took off to Dawnia and Eric's for a pool party for the 4th. I swam for several hours and had a great time. Marshall had a fantastic time and even learned a little bit of the German, Russian, and Japanese languages. It was great. :) He was apparently the life of the party, and I bet Dawnia and Eric can't wait to have him back. :)

1. That: Girl--a show my Mom used to watch
2. Fishbowl: Goldfish
3. Church: I should go...
4. All about ME! (I say this all the time to everyone). :)
5. Fist: Fight
6. Tagline: Newspaper
7. Agree: to disagree
8. Leak: heart-my heart has a leaky valve
9. Jessica: Jeks! (Brooke's roommate)
10. Superman: Underoos--my brother had some

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beelers said...

We are looking forward to both of you coming back. No worries.