Sunday, July 30, 2006

A-Woo HOo!

Today Marshall and I got up at 6 a.m. and went up to Eric & Dawnia's to meet up with everyone. We had breakfast and headed up to the Hiwassee River in Tennessee.

Marshall and I rode with Tim and Tammy (we missed you, Jen--sorry you didn't get any sleep the night before). We had a great time on the ride up there. The ride up there seemed to be taking forever. Tammy cracked me up by asking "Are we there yet?" LOL We were pretty anxious to get there.

Once we got there we had to pile in the bed of an old pick-up truck. Eric told me later that Marshall said, "I came up here when I was 8 years old and I think this is the same truck I rode in then." Hee hee! Anyway, the ride up to the drop off spot was an adventure in itself. The rails on the side of the truck weren't the most sturdy. It was pretty scary. ;)

We stood in the water before we hopped in our funyaks, and boy was it C-O-L-D. Eric assured me that it would feel warmer later on after the sun had been beating down on us for a while. He was right, too.

We all did very well. The water was pretty low in some spots which caused us to get stuck several times, and when I say "us" I mean me and Tammy. LOL! Marshall joked that Tammy made sure she got stuck on every rock in the river.

We had a few spills along the way. Tim turned over first, then I got tossed when Marshall's funyak ran into mine. He tried to "help" me get over a little dropoff and gave me a shove, and out I went. It was ok though because I busted him in the face with my paddle for payback. Ok, it was an accident, but I still cracked him a good one. Poor guy. :(

Once I fell in I felt better throughout the whole trip. For some reason I was nervous for the first 30 minutes or so because I was afraid I was going to fall in and crack my head or something, but once I was in, it just totally set me at ease. The rest of the trip was smooth sailing. :)

Marshall was the last to take a tumble. He rather enjoyed it though, giving a good "yee haa" as he continued to float on his back for several minutes instead of climbing back into his funyak. As a matter of fact, I think he was in the river picking up rocks and floating around more than he was in his funyak.

After our trip was over, we stopped alongside the river and Eric cooked out hotdogs for us all. We ate and then headed back to E&D's for more swimming. Jen was feeling better so she came along, too. We had a nice time just relaxing and talking.

I swear, this has been the best summer ever. :) I'm so glad that Marshall took the day off to go. We had a blast.

1. Italy: Pizza!
2. Honk: Daffy Duck (not sure why)
3. Shades: Tim lost his today.
4. Tool: Hammer
5: Modern: Times
6. Tension: Headache
7. Conservative: I'm not.
8. Weight: Too much
9. Insurance: Expensive
10. Political: news bores me.


Southernwoman said...

God Bless Marshall! He's a life saver!

I think you've summed up the day perfectly!

Anonymous said...

What camera were you using that didnt mind getting wet? Yikes I would have been terrified!

rachelpennington said...

southernwoman~ :) God needs to bless him! ;)

Matt~I took an waterproof disposable Kodak. It did an ok job I suppose. :)

jen said...

I believe this has been the best summer ever!

Dawnia said...

And it is only August! The best summer ever is gonna turn into the best fall ever. Being a grown up is grand!