Saturday, July 22, 2006

Work, Work, Work!

This photo is the beginning stages of a tomato pie that I've been making for Marshall. He absolutely LOVES it. I'll give you the recipe at the end of this, and show you the finished pie, too. :)

I worked my tail off today on getting the house all cleaned up. Well, at least the parts that guests would see anyway. :D Since I've been back at work, I tend to neglect my househould chores. I don't know why though, I always feel so much better when it's clean.

I had a very good day and a productive day. I love getting things accomplished around here. I need to do some outside work, too, but I think I'm going to put it off until later in the week. I wish Marshall would've been home today though. He has to work again tomorrow, too. :(

Yahoo has been down most of the day. I'm really frustrated about it. Grrr! Oh, and I did finally hear from Betty. They've been w/out power because of the storm they had in St. Louis, but otherwise they are fine. :)

I called Brooke's boss and told him off today. Once again he didn't have payroll ready when it was time to pay the girls (he has a bunch of college girls working for him). I really let him have it, too. I was quite proud of myself. Anyway, this is the second or third time that he didn't have their checks ready. He started making exuces why he didn't have them ready and I told him that I didn't give a rat's a$$ why he didn't have them ready, that it was his responsibility to pay these girls and that I wasn't just down the street from Brooke so that she could come borrow money from me until he got payroll done. And ooooh he was such a jerk. And if he fires Brooke for it, well...then we'll just go from there.

Tomato Pie
1 deep dish pie crust
green onions
3 tablespoons of mayonaisse (this part is up to you)
1 package shredded Mexican Cheese

Bake pie crust following directions on crust package. I buy Pillsbury crust and you cook the crust for 11-14 minutes on 400.

Slice tomatoes and dice onions, as many as you'd like, and layer in pie shell. Sprinkle salt, pepper, and basil (to taste) over top of tomatoes & onions.

If you want to mix the mayo in with the shredded cheese, you may do so, otherwise spread cheese over top. I didn't add the may to this pie and while Marshall said that it didn't taste any different, it sure does look better w/the mayo added.

Bake at 350 degress for 30 minutes or until cheese is melted over mixture.

I'm sure that you could add more stuff to it if you wanted to. I wish I liked tomatoes. But...I don't.

Hope your day was a great one.


Deb @ Sugarfused said...

I don't like tomatoes but my husband does. He might like this sans mayo. Thanks for the recipe!

jen said...

That looks great! I might try to bake one. Both Tim and I love tomatoes.

Southernwoman said...

That looks yummy! I'll have to make that one evening. I love tomatos....I can eat them like apples. Besides, they're good for ya.