Saturday, August 26, 2006

Fantastic Day

Thanks to excellent blocking last night, Cain ran a 90-yard kick-off return to score the first touchdown of the season. :) It was just a scrimmage game, but still, it sure got our boys pumped up. I have prayed for no injuries or illnesses for our boys this year. We had a rough year last year. I hope this year is much better for all of them.

We got up this morning and started cleaning out our basement. It was such a nasty mess. Next year we're going to hopefully lay tile down there and really fix it up nice. Of course, we still need a new roof, new windows, siding, um, CH&A, etc. ;) Anyway, the basement looks much better.

We went over to ED's around 3:30 and swam the rest of the day away. It feels so good just to lounge around in the pool, to enjoy good friends, good food. We spend 90% of the time just laughing. The other 10% is dedicated to eating. :) We swim even after it gets dark. Have you ever just floated along on your back and gazed at the night sky? It's amazing.

Is there anyone else using Firefox who can't sign into Blogger anymore? :( I use my Gmail acct. to sign in but I keep getting error message after error message. It's SO frustrating!

Well, it's late and I'm tired. Have a good night. :) Posted by Picasa

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