Sunday, August 27, 2006

Funny Face

This is a lovely picture of Brooke taken as we were riding down the road in the back of Cain's Bronco. Fun, huh? For some reason she's saying, "Mom, will you STOP taking pictures, please?" Inconsiderate brat...

I really got a hankering to listen to my Christmas music today, but I held off. Tomorrow I might give it a go though. :) Isn't it December yet?!

Today we stayed home and worked in the yard all day. I raked up some of the pine needles that are starting to fall, mowed, and cleaned out the dog kennel. Marshall used the weed-eater, which is a piece of equipment I haven't mastered yet. Man I hate that thing. The yard looks pretty good, but I didn't finish the front yard. I'll work on that later in the week.

1. Visit: Tybee Island (I wish!)
2. Cake: Mmm...chocolate with vanilla icing!
3. Period: Yeah, I don't have 'em anymore! Yay!
4. Triumphant: Cain's football team the other night. :)
5. Screen: Review
6. Neglect: Housework. ;)
7. Guitar: Eddie Van Halen
8. Loathe: Despise
9. Sugar: Give me smoochies!
10. Montage: Disco montages are fun!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

don't push the December thing! Isaiah will be FOUR on Dec. 2.

My baby is growing up ::cries::