Monday, August 21, 2006

Funeral for Officer

Our little town practically shut down today for the funeral of our former police chief. This photo is of his procession making a loop around the courthouse and city hall. I wish I'd have known that his coffin was going to be in the Harley hearse (seen at the bottom middle of the photo). I'd have stayed down to get a shot of that. See the flag draped over the coffin? He was a sweet man. I didn't know him too much at all, only from him coming into the newspaper to talk with Eric (our reporter), but he was always very pleasant.

I feel much, much better today. I'm going to hold off on calling the doctor. I just had a really rough day yesterday. :( Luckily my coworkers are all a bunch of nutballs and made me laugh a bunch today--even if they WON'T ever massage my shoulders. *grumble*

We watched RV tonight (thanks, Angel) and it was pretty cute. Robin Williams is usually WAY too out there for me, but he was pretty subdued in this movie.

Have a good night.

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beelers said...

When you see the doctor see if he can't give you extra elbows so you can rub your own back. Then, I know you'll be happy ;)