Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Not Much For da Blog

Again with the blahs today. I'm sort of disgusted with myself lately and yet I make no changes to fix the things that disgust me. Speaking of disgusting, how do you like this jarfly (cicada) picture? We found him on a trail. I hope that no one messed with him and that he made it just fine. I sure love hearing these boogers.

I came home and heated up leftovers and waited for Cain and Marshall to get home. After they got home and ate we mowed the yard. I used the riding lawnmower on the back yard and I JUST love it. It mows so quickly! Marshall used the weedeater, my blog sucks, huh?

Hee hee, well, my yard looks pretty. Almost.



d.d. said...

The little things push us on to the big things, somedays the best we can hope for is a freshly mown lawn. :)

jen said...

If the lawn gets mowed....Now that is a good day.