Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Ready for Fall?

I'm SOOO ready for fall but I hope that it turns colder. It never seems to get much cold around here anymore. :(

Not much to report today. I'm pretty tired.

I did manage to catch Josh Blue on Last Comic Standing and he's been my favorite all along, but I fo' sho' hope that he has more material about other things besides his palsy.



d.d. said...

Imiss fall, it's a million degrees here. Okay it's not. I linked your blog, I hope that's okay, if not just throw a cyber rock at me and i'll unlink it. hehe.

Southernwoman said...

Crackola is just jealous of our 90 degree weather, don't let her kid you. :) I however, didn't bother to ask before I linked you on my blog......oops.

I'm ready for fall too, but before that, I'm ready for our labor day weekend......the weather can feel free to turn cold after that. I love cold weather...you can always put more clothes on when it's cold, but you can only take so much off when it's hot.