Sunday, September 24, 2006

Lazy Bones

One of our runningbacks, Bobby, heads in to the endzone last night. His run was our only touchdown and we lost 14-7. :(

We didn't get home until 2:30 this morning and we were exhausted. There was a horrible storm coming through when we got back to town and the lightning was amazing. I think it's supposed to rain more today.

We slept until almost 10 and when we got up we realized that Toukie was gone. Bless his heart, he had to go to work this morning. :( I know the little booger is exhausted. He played hard last night and then the drive down and back (over 6 hours total trip) is so very tiring.

I ate all of the wrong foods yesterday and I feel so guilty. On our way down to the game we were starving so we stopped at Burger King and THEN later I had a cinnamon roll. I've GOT to change my eating habits. If I expect to keep off what I lose, I'm going to have to work harder than what I'm doing now. If anyone wants to form in a single-line line to give me a swift-kick in the butt I'd appreciate it. ;)

My little Scoot is way down in south Georgia without her Mommy and she's pretty sick. Send good thoughts to her. :) ILY, Tasha!

1. Bell: Witch
2. Abuse: Against Animals or others SUCK!
3. Relief: Comic (Relief)
4. List: ebay (list auctions) :)
5. Concern: Care
6. Absolute: Vodka (just saw an ad) LOL
7. Cling: Wrap
8. Dump: Cake (Blueberry is yummy!)
9. Terminate: Employment
10. Wine: Yuck!


jen said...

I miss you

Chrisi said...

Don't worry bout it! My theory is that you have to allow yourself things that you want, just in great moderation. That's why my weight is coming off slowly, but I'm still sticking with it and it IS coming off. You have to be realistic, Burger King is going to happen sometimes. :o)
That was a treat, now wake up Monday morning and keep going with the good habits. :o)
BTW, if you really think you need a swift kick in the patooty just stop by and I'll be more than happy to accommodate. After all, what are friends for? ;o)