Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Major Blahs

This is one of about 15 photos I took yesterday. Taking 15 photos for me is very unusual. I usually take about 150 in one day, especially if I've gone out somewhere. Anyway, this little mushroom was growing out of the bankside near a little stream leading into the Ocoee. I can't resist fungus very often. (o=

For some reason I don't want to write in this blog, or take pictures, or read my emails, or much else lately. I truly believe that my lack of sleep is finally catching up to me. I cannot, for the LIFE of me, get any sleep and I am almost at a breaking point. That combined with everything else going on in my life is really stressing me beyond belief. No need to email me or anything (please), I'll be fine. I'm just ranting. I think the best thing is for me to just be alone, gather my thoughts and get my head straight. Things will eventually be back to normal. And things aren't totally horrible. I just need to sleep, and a job. :) That would help out so very much. I'm a big idiot ding-dong for ever quitting my job in the first place and I don't know what on earth I was thinking. I've applied at several places though and I'm hoping that someone will call me back soon.

One thing I DO feel like doing and that I AM doing is walking. I walked three miles again today and hope to mix in some other things as the days go on. Kandi and I push ourselves either when we want to quit, or just want to walk one lap or whatever. We're doing very good. :)

I did something I said I wouldn't do all the time, and that was stepping on the scales again. This time I didn't lose anything, but I hadn't gained anything either. Plus as I mentioned in a previous post, I ate stupid things this past Saturday. And I didn't walk much yesterday. I'm also REALLLLLLLY trying so hard not to drink Diet Cokes, and that's about the hardest thing I've ever done. I've had two today and that's pretty impressive if you know me. :)

Brooke has a brand new bike downstairs. Well actually it's about 4 years old but she never rode it very often. I'd like to get some new tires for it and start riding it, too. Also, aerobics are starting in a week. Anyone want to go with me?

Have a great night.


Anonymous said...

What night are aerobics?

rachelpennington said...

Wed. & Thurs. and starts at 5:30. I'm fo sho gonna do it. I'd love for you to come and join me. :)

Deb @ Sugarfused said...

I keep saying I'm going back to the gym but I never do. I'm hoping that one of your posts is suddenly going to inspire me lol!

Rachel, I take Tylenol PM at night to sleep and it works for me. Hope you can get some rest...I know how frustrating the insomnia is...

Dawnia said...

Eric and I have bikes. And so does Tim. Let's do it!