Sunday, September 17, 2006

Nice Little Walk

I've been washing clothes for most of the day and getting my weekend chores completed. Tomorrow I'll be taking my resume' to several places around the area. Hopefully something will turn up.

Marshall and I walked a couple of miles today. We went up to the Battlefield and took a hike through the woods. It wasn't nearly as fun as I had imagined it would be. I came out of the woods looking like something out of a horror movie (shut up--I did NOT look that way when I went in!). I had spiderwebs all over me. :( Stupid spiders.

Well, back to finishing the clothes. Have a good night. :)

1. Running: Time
2. Alternative: Rock
3. Cope: Deal
4. Lots: Love my hubby!
5. Sympathetic: Loss
6. Barn: Love old ones!
7. Totally: Tubular (hee hee!)
8. Baby: Dirty Dancing
9. Undeniable: Unforgettable (for some reason)
10. Watermelon: Yummy! I love it.


Southernwoman said...
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Anonymous said...

WHAT NO self potrait after the adventure in the woods????
Awww come on!