Wednesday, September 24, 2008


The mornings are great...the afternoons and evenings? Not so much. :(

I'm still sick. Can't breathe, nose is pouring, nose is stuffy. Head hurts, ears popping, sore throat. When will this be gone?!

And if that's not bad enough, hubby is watching Knight Rider. I'm not sure why.

Help me. ;)

I did venture out to my porch this afternoon to read and relax. That porch is just about one of my favorite places to be. Screened in, no bugs...the only thing that is annoying is the neighborhood. :) I hate the noise of cars going by, kids yelling, crazy ol' man neighbor yelling at his dog, Rambo. Ugh!

I'm so hungry. I made homemade vegetable soup for honey bunches, but I didn't eat any. I'd love to eat now but I'd choke to death if I did, but seeing as how I can't taste anything anyway it's really pointless to eat, huh?

Ramble, ramble.



Anonymous said...

okay. I know you don't feel good but you have to admit that the car in Knight Rider is a really cool car. I watched with Jared and Craig last night. I think it is just because you don't feel good. I hope you get to feeling better.

Val Ewing said...

Girl you got to get better! Is it allergies too?
Early morning and late evening are awful here for allergies.
Feel better very very soon.