Thursday, September 25, 2008


I'm sick as a dog; haven't been this sick in can't remember when.

The "football boys" came over tonight and Marshall had ribs and sides all ready for them. It was great having them here, even though I stayed in my bedroom so I wouldn't make any of them sick.

My new laptop came today. If you remember, I got a Mac for Christmas, sold it to Eric because I hated it, then got a Dell that was broken, then got another Dell that was broken, then got floor tile for the kitchen. :) Saved my money, saved some of Marshall's money, and bought an HP laptop. Sadly, right now I don't even feel like looking at it. :(


Dawnia said...

I wish I had bought that Mac, I HATE my Dell. I'm thinking of selling it to cuz and biting the bullet and getting another Mac. Who would have thought that after all those years of having a Mac I would be hooked. Stupid Windows Vista. Stupid Dell. Grumble grumble.

Chrisi said...

WOW, you really ARE sick! ;o)

Hope you get completely better soon.