Friday, September 26, 2008

No Internet, UGH!

So I forgot to post last night and get to the hotel here in Kentucky and there's NO internet service. The internet is down. Funny, yes?

This morning before we left home I rode with Marshall to try and find some gas so we could make our trip here to Ky. Our town is mostly out, which boggles my mind, but anyway, on the way home we passed a little flea-market that sets up just off one of the small back streets here. Anyway, we just drove through it and I spotted this desk. I asked my honey to get out and check it out for me, and he did so begrudgingly. :)

The man wanted $10 and so I asked hubby to please get it. He griped and fussed but bought it anyway. It's SOLID WOOD and yes, it needs a paint job, but how cute is it?! The drawers work perfectly and I'm very excited about it.

So, we're here in Kentucky and I still feel like crap. Marshall wanted to wait to leave in the morning but I knew that I wouldn't feel like getting up at 5, showering, getting ready, and then driving 3.5 hrs up here, then tailgating and going to the game, so here we are.

Surely this sickness is almost over!


Dawnia said...

I love the desk! Makes me wish I had hung on to the small one I bought like that now that I'm giving ya'll that monster oak one! I can't wait for it to be gone, I haven't used it well... you know how long.

Ten bucks is a bargain. And no, don't paint it.

And look at those pretty floors... you are NUTS for wanting to cover those up with nasty ole carpet.

Love you! Miss you! See you tomorrow probably. Especially if there is meatloaf....

Chrisi said...

That is a great bargain, beautiful desk!