Saturday, September 27, 2008

Yuck, Blah, Ugh, Sheesh, Dadgum!

Here's my long-haired, curly-haired boy eating a slab of ribs after the game today. The boys won again and now we are 4-0. It's all very exciting.

Ok, so today I'm worse than I have been all week. I woke up this morning barely able to breathe and hardly a voice at all. Add to that sitting out all morning tailgating (but graciously keeping my distance from everyone because I don't want to get anyone sick), then sitting in drizzling rain for the game. Of course, I've often thought that if I were in the hospital and he had a game coming up, I'd have them wheel my bed to the field so I could watch. You may think I'm joking, but I'm dead-serious.

The tailgating was fantastic. The folks were so sweet to me, often checking on me and asking me if I needed anything. I'm sure I looked like death and I appreciate the fact that anyone talked to me at all. :) Everyone is really nice and it makes me look forward to the home games even more.

We probably got to talk to Cain for about 45 minutes, and that includes the time we got to spend with him last night. I hated to leave so soon after the game (we probably only stayed for 30 min. after the game was over) but I was ready to go and I didn't want to make him sick. :(....

We picked up Goose from Marshall's parents house on our way home and we're just getting here now and I'm going to bed.

Later, gators.

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