Thursday, October 23, 2008

Babies Are Home (Almost!)

I have worked my tail off on this house today and it looks great. Ah, nothing like a clean house to start the weekend off right, huh? :)

Brooke should be getting here in about 30 minutes. Paden, one of Cain's best buddies, is here to go to the game with us. After the game Cain gets to come home with us, too. I think I've probably mentioned that a time or two on here. :)

While cleaning today I've been listening to Christmas music. I love it SO much. I'm ready! I can't wait to put my Christmas decorations out. I THINK I can make it through Halloween and Thanksgiving though.

It's supposed to rain tonight. I hope it holds off until after the game. I hate sitting in rain. :(

Have a great night!


Dawnia said...

You and your Christmas obsession....

I had "Winter Wonderland" stuck in my head for hours today. Someone shoot me.

Dawnia said...

Oh, and I have the Planet Earth box set... mark it off your Xmas list. You can borrow it.