Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Better Tonight

Tonight I'm feeling MUCH better than I have. I haven't felt this good since last ummm...Thursday, I think it was. :) Keep me in your prayers. This has been a fairly rough ordeal. Especially for my poor hubby, who has taken EXCELLENT care of me. I love him so very much.

I entertained myself today by getting out all of my Halloween decorations, well, the ones that Brooke stuck somewhere when we were doing our Major Cleaning Out. I can't find my favorite little ghost. :( Anyway, got the decorations out, after all, it IS the first day of October, and hung them or placed them where they need to be. The faux stained glass pumpkin head is one I bought at Cracker Barrel, already on clearance two or three weeks ago for two bucks. Cute, ain't he?

I had a blast taking photos of things today. I have a MAJOR case of cabin fever. Honey and I tried to go out with D and Char last night after they brought me this oak desk (thanks again, I LOVE it, even if it is the same size as my car!), and it was probably three minutes after we all got our food that I knew I had to hit the door to head home. :(

Thankfully we were just at a restaurant less than a mile from the house, so they brought honey home so he could at least finish eating. I didn't feel that bad about it because I warned them ahead of time that I might not make it.

The past few days have been rough, and tonight, for the first time in several days I have my voice mostly back. :) I bet Marshall is happy about that! :D Cain called me today and of course I said, "Hello?" and there was a long pause so I said hello again. He said "Mom, was that you that answered?" and I said that it was. He told me I sounded like a man! Waaahhh! Hee hee! What voice I have had was very gravely (not grave, but gravel--did I say that right? You know, raspy, and not that sexy-raspy either). But anyway, tonight--voice is almost back! Yay!

If I still feel better in the morning, Kandi and I are going shooting. You have NO idea how excited I am about it! Yay! Shooting! We're going to a nursery on the mountain and who knows what from there. We won't stay out too long because I don't want to overdo it on my first adventure out, and she has things she has to do anyway.

Today's high didn't get much above 72 I don't think. It's 10:14 p.m. as I type this and it's 55 right now, with the temps dropping to 44 here in the valley. LOVE IT! Tomorrow's high is only 73.

Brooke? What's your temp? *snicker*

I love the Black Crowes. Do you?


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